Walking Safaris

Great walking experiences require an excellent terrain, wildlife as well as knowledgeable guides. Tanzania, fortunately, offers all these to its guests and is a perfect destination for memorable short, long hikes and safari walks in the beautiful reserves, or some days of walking and camping in breathtaking surroundings.

Walking safaris within Tanzania are a very rewarding way to explore this African country. It’s chiefly so because of the vast unspoiled wilderness areas filled up with large populations of wildlife with spectacular sights too. Imagine having a pleasant guided walking safari in the company of a professional and experienced guide, and spending the nights outside in camps placed in perfect areas, so that they serve as the base from which you will explore the adjacent regions on foot. Among the walking safari guides usually used are the local Maasai, who is well conversant with the surrounding areas, and these will detail you about the wonders of these African wildernesses.


Those looking for a calm guided walking adventure through the region congested with wildlife should think of traveling south; this is so because walking tours are not allowed in the northern Parks in Tanzania. However, there are beautiful walking alternatives in recognized areas near Grumeti as well as Kleins. Also, you can enjoy a great scenic but with fewer sights of wildlife guided walk in the highlands of the Ngorongoro Crater or have longer walks through the vast Maasai plains.


The national parks, as well as the reserves found in southern Tanzania generally, permit not only morning game walks but also afternoon game walks in the company of armed guides, with some them entailing fly camp escapades. Important to note is that the long extended portered treks that run for some days are today only conducted in Lukula found in Selous as well as River Sand.

Walking Safari