Mount Meru

Mount Meru Trekking – An Ideal Option to Prep up for Mount Kilimanjaro

Are you a trekker visiting to Tanzania with a secret desire to have lots of adventure with unequalled view of Mount Meru’s big sister – Mount Kilimanjaro? Have you recently arrived in Tanzania and decided to accustom yourself on Meru before climbing Kilimanjaro? In either case, the magnificent Mount Meru trekking trip will take you through a wonderful series of natural surroundings in Arusha National Park.

Often recommended for optimal acclimatization and as a warm-up trek for Mount Kilimanjaro, the 2nd highest mountain in Tanzania is worth a trek up the top at 4562 meters, soaring over the highlands and offering exceptional views of Mount Kilimanjaro in the distance. Mount Meru may be referred to as the little sister to Kilimanjaro but it is still regarded as the 5th highest mountain in the African region. The Mount Meru trekking tour can be a great addition to Wildlife safari tours in Tanzania and with us at Sunset African Safaris; you can experience it like never before!

Don’t Underrate Mount Meru Trek Adventure:

Though less famed and taller than its own sister peak Kilimanjaro, Mount Meru is still recognized to bring trekkers an unforgettable adventure experience. It is a magnificent volcanic mountain and an exclusive part of the Arusha National Park ecology. Our Mount Meru trek trip takes you through diverse landscapes and provides the panoramic views of its horseshoe crater, volcanic ash, tropical forest and rocky terrain, ultimately leading your way to the top. At 4,565 meters height, Meru is standing as a majestic stratovolcano that overlooks the Arusha National Park’s lush and game-filled horizon. With sharp peaks and slopes, the Mount Meru trek trail seems to become challenging and the technical efforts made to reach the high altitude makes the Mount Meru trek a rewarding experience for all.

Mount Meru Trek Tour Specialties:

Our trek to the summit of Mount Meru lasts for 3 to 4 days, and with two trekking tour options on offer you can choose which one will fit in your climbing needs. In the 1st stage of the trek, we will have professional guides to take you through the acacia forests, past inhabiting herds of elephant, giraffe and buffalo all the way up to the base camp hut. The top can be arrived in 3 days but it may extend to four days so that you can thoroughly explore the mountain.

Mount Meru is a splendid dead volcanic mountain standing high at 4,566 meters in the Arusha National Park. From the higher slopes of the Mount Meru you can have an excellent view of Ngurdoto Crater, the Momella soda lakes, and the far-off plains of Mount Kilimanjaro. And you will encounter a variety of landscapes including rocky terrains, thick cloud forest and grassland on the lower slopes.

The benefit of the Mount Meru trek trail is it is less crowded as compared to Mount Kilimanjaro. It means that there is scope for you to see an amazing habitat of plants and wild animals like elephants, buffalo, bushbuck, duiker, giraffe, black and white colobus monkeys etc. on your way to the top. So trekking Mount Meru is fully worth doing the next time you plan to travel Tanzania with the assistance of our professional guides.

Trip Highlights:

  • Trek 2nd highest mountain peak of Tanzania standing high at 4,566m
  • Have an exceptional view of Mt Kilimanjaro from a 40 kms distance
  • Walk through Mount Meru’s stunning horseshoe crater rim
  • A dream like encounter with this region’s gorgeous and different wildlife

Our Mount Meru trek can be booked with mix and match of various add-ons to make way for the perfect Tanzanian getaway. Feel free to choose from the following trip types:

Mount Meru Trekking Tour:

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